If I Can Make It There: The Documentary About Leaving Your Home For A New Chance

Full interview to Cultura Colectiva by Maria Suarez here:


Emanuele Sesta brings us a documentary about two different experiences of moving to New York City in pursuit of a better chance. 

If I Can Make It There is the story of Emily and Veronica, two women with different backgrounds and stories who share the fact that they relocated to this city in order to find more opportunities in developing and reaching their career goals. We had the chance to talk to Sesta about his inspiration behind the film, as well as the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding people who leave their homes for a new life in NYC.

“When you move to New York City you feel like an immigrant whether you’re an American or not. But of course the challenges faced by immigrants are very specific like not having connections or being familiar with the local culture or language can definitely make things difficult. It’s hard sometimes finding a balance between keeping yourself connected to your own culture or place of origin and embracing the immense variety that the city offers. Americans who move here might be able to get a better understanding of the specific struggles faced by immigrants. On the other hand, immigrants can learn from Americans the best strategies to develop their cultural awareness.”

The documentary has been receiving several accolades, including the Silver Palm Award at the 2017 Mexico International Film Festival and Best Short Documentary at the New York Film Week 2017. This has led Sesta to creating a documentary series titled What If You Make It? that is currently being produced. Like the film, the series will feature stories about different people speaking about what it means to “make it” in the city as well as the meaning of success.