Emanuele is a New York-based multilingual filmmaker and actor. Born and raised in Italy, he studied Film Production in Los Angeles, has a B.A. in Media Studies and a M.A. in Politics & International Relations. 

In 2017, his short film 'If I Can Make It There' won Best Short Documentary at the New York Film Week beating 1,000 submissions from 28 countries. It also won the Silver Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival during the same year. 

With a passion for producing video content that speaks to heart and mind, Emanuele finds joy in capturing details and discovering beauty in the story of every human being. He takes care of each step of the production process, from concept development to the final product. Emanuele will approach any task he is given with dedication and enthusiasm, being at ease with people coming from all backgrounds and walks of life. He is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and speaks some French.

Photos courtesy of Bjorn Bolinder